G-Floor ~ Rollable Event Flooring

full color flatbed UV printed rollable event flooring
full color flatbed UV printed rollable event flooring
Just Hype UK/USA

Display Item:
G-Floor ~ Full color, UV printed, rollable event flooring

10′ x 20′

Under $2,500

Production time-frame:
Completed within four days of approved artwork

Unique challenges:
Print and ship a 10′ x 20′ full color event floor in under a week to make show date. Tiled sections must have precision edges and alignment to create mural effect.

Tightly manage and coordinate production and shipping of finished goods to insure on-time delivery. 10′ x 20′ floor printed in four, 10′ x 5′ tiled sections on our UV flatbed printer. 5′ width rollable sections made for low cost shipping and easy installation.

Client comments:
“Getting back to you about how the floor turned out. It turned out wonderful.  Again thank you so much for making sure that everything turned out great.”
Tony Shellman
Just Hype UK/USA

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