SnapTube Mega™ Giant Fabric Walls

Snaptube Giant Walls State Farm

A. Brenda stands in front of The Marketing Arm’s recent State Farm “Protect the Bling, Insure the Ring” giant wall. The 30′ wide x 10′ high two-section wall features curved and straight frameworks that can be setup together or independently. An easy-to-assemble Snaptube aluminum frame supports the pillowcase graphics. Simple connecting hardware joins the curved and straight frames together with a clean look. Contact or 800-697-4670 ex 303 for more information.Snaptube Giant Wall San Francisco

Our sewing master Chris poses in front of a 40′ curved wall featuring San Francisco’s world famous cityscape. An elite hotel commissioned this dramatic panorama to welcome guests.  Contact or 800-697-4670 ex 309.

Snaptube Giant Wall Sloping Curve

C. The admissions office for a major university wanted to create comfortable, semi-private spaces for having conversations with students and parents. They also needed to be able to reconfigure the structures for other admission related events. These curved, sloping walls are easily moved to create many shapes and enclosures depending on a particular layout requirement. Weighing less than 50 lbs each, any staff member can create the space they want and the cleaning crew appreciates the light weight also. Contact or 800-697-4670 ex 303 for more information.

Snaptube Giant Wall Raynor : Iconic

D. Left…Raynor Group needed an oversized curve wall to integrate with a column tower graphic. This seamless combination of interior decor graphics came in under budget and created an upscale look.  Right…Some of the world’s most iconic brands required a step & repeat wall for photographing basketball’s most famous player and friends. A standard 8′ height backdrop was not going to work ~ too short for these guys! A 10′ height x 20′ width wall solved the problem. Contact or 800-697-4670 ex 315.

Snaptube Giant Wall AT&T Samsung

E. employees stand in front of fabric walls used as part of an 100′ x 80′ pro sports/mobile phone fan appreciation event. Over 30,000 fans and their eyeballs strolled by while attending. Contact 800-697-4670 ex 301 for more information.

Snaptube Giant Wall We the People

F. As part of a political event, the “We the People” giant wall served as a backdrop for speakers and photography. “We the People” stands out at the top and purposefully blurs into a giant reproduction of this most famous document. Rounded baseplates compliment the gentle curve of this 14′ height wall. Contact or 800-697-4670 ex 309.

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