Illuminated Custom Printed Fabric Towers – SnapTube Glow™

SnapTube Glow™ draws in the crowd with a towering, illuminated presence at any event venue. Imagine the impact of a 16′ tall, glowing tower broadcasting your brand to the public! Our illuminated branding towers avoid costly hanging sign rigging fees and offer the option of DIY assembly. SnapTube Glow™ uses a simplified frame and LED backlighting fixture construction method.

• Up to 16′ tall illuminated, internally backlit towers.
• Available for rental or purchase
• Unique inter-changeable zipper attachment system offers graphics branding flexibility

All SnapTube™ Family Displays feature…

Lifetime stitching and zipper warranty ~ best in the business
Vivid, wrinkle-free dye-sub tension fabric graphics
Lightweight and easy-to-assemble
Graphics printed, sewn and finished at our USA facility.

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SnapTube™…entry level pre-designed displays, kits and packages.

SnapTube Layers™…sparks interest by combining multiple frameworks of various heights, widths, depths and shapes.

SnapTube Pro™…stand out with larger, taller frameworks available in custom sizes.

SnapTube Mega™…make a big statement with over-sized towers and giant walls.

SnapTube Custom™…tension fabric shapes and sizes designed to your specifications.

All SnapTube Family Displays

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