Four Custom Printed Flooring and Floor Graphics Solutions That Grab Attention

Whether you want to capture attention, make a statement, or just beautify your environment, custom printed flooring and floor graphics excel at the job! Custom printed flooring is perfect for trade show booths, events and promotions of all kinds. Rather than waste the space, use your floor to get your message across where it’s sure to be noticed.

Dye-Sublimated Soft Flooring

This custom ‘runway’ carpet is a real attention-getter for the SI Airport Tech Park! Custom printed on soft, dye-sublimated flooring, this floor features an image of an actual runway at the SI Airport.

Dye-sublimated carpet for the SI Airport Tech Park featuring an image of an actual runway at the SI Airport.

GFloor Heavy Duty Flooring

GFloor is a highly durable flooring product that’s great for commercial and home installations for long and short term. This example is a permanent installation for the ultimate baseball lover!

Custom printed baseball flooring using durable G-Floor material.

Endutex Flooring

Endutex is an easy-to-handle, light weight custom printed flooring that’s super for short to medium-term promotions, events, exhibits and more. This example shows a custom printed wood pattern and logo, but you can print anything on this versatile flooring!

Wood and logo printed on Endutex lightweight flooring. Perfect for events and trade shows.

Custom Shaped Flooring & Floor Graphics

To add extra interest and excitement to any promotion, give custom shaped flooring and adhesive floor graphics a try! We can cut out just about any shape imaginable!

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