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5 Top Tips For Better Street Pole Banners

Make your community, campus, parking lot or any outdoor area look inviting and beautiful with street pole banners!

Tip 1 – Make Your Message Big, Bold and Colorful!

There is always a lot to tell your audience, but on a street pole banner, it’s best keep your message simple and large so that it can be quickly understood as your audience travels by. Using bolder, easier to read fonts and larger font sizes will help. Also, be sure to design your message with type, graphic elements, and colors that are clear and easily visible from a distance. And of course, you can always have our professional graphic design team help out!

Tip 2 – Make Sure Your Street Pole Banners Are Not Lost on the Pole!

The taller the pole and the higher the banner is mounted on the pole, the smaller the banner will look! Don’t let your message get lost by undersizing your pole banners. Factor in your desired mounting height, the distance from roadways/walkways and your desired aesthetic when determining your banner size to make sure your message is seen.

Tip 3 – Get Lasting Power from Your Street Pole Banner Hardware

Mother nature can be rough and unpredictable, but you can hedge your bet with the properly designed and manufactured pole banner hardware. If your street pole banners will be displayed in an area that doesn’t experience super-harsh conditions, any good quality bracket should work well for a long time. If you are in a windy area, particularly with medium to large banners, you may want to consider a spring-loaded “BannerSaver™” bracket. These patented brackets are designed to spill up to 90% of the wind force as it hits your banners, protecting your graphics, brackets and your light poles from wind damage. Shop Street Pole Banner Hardware →

Tip 4 – Know Your Pole Shape

The shape and size of the pole on which you are mounting your banner bracket matters! The standard steel bands that come with most pole banner hardware are suited only for mounting on round poles. If you have square, or other odd-shaped poles, you must use stronger steel banding and a special “Band-It” tensioning tool to avoid damage and hardware failure. Also, make sure the straps/bands you order will be long enough for the diameter of your poles.

Tip 5 – Put Them Anywhere to Dress Up Your Space!

Street pole banners are commonly used in all kinds of municipal and commercial spaces. Some popular uses are:

  • Downtown shopping areas
  • City neighborhoods
  • Parking lots at malls, hospitals, churches, etc.
  • City streets and avenues
  • Sidewalks
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Car dealerships
  • Theme parks
  • Property branding
  • Building banners
  • Event promotions
  • Wayfinding
  • and more…


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