Tissot Custom Truss Structure Pop-Up Store

The goal was to create a large pop-up store to sell merchandise at various motorcycle events. We needed to add onto a large existing outdoor-rated structure with a new front end truss structure and the new truss structure had to match up functionally and aesthetically with the old structure to create an attractive look.

Large outdoor structures like these present extra challenges due to weather-related issues. Safety is always a primary concern and in addition to following clear safety guidelines, the structure was weighted at each leg with 50 gallon water barrels that were branded with custom graphic fabric stretch-wraps.

BD blog Truss Graphics C proof 1a
(A) Rendering and graphic specifications, (B) Full color rendering of finished design, (C) Assembly of the truss structure on site, (D) Final completed structure with graphics on site

Everyone involved – the end client, the event management company (Mach 2 Management) and Beautiful Displays worked closely together to coordinate the design and produce a successful finished project.

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