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Four Tips for Easy SEG Graphic Installation

Perfect SEG graphic installation is easy when you follow these four simple tips:

1 – The Correct Way To Insert Your SEG Graphic

When inserting your silicone edge graphic, be sure the silicone/rubber stripping (also known as ‘keder’, ‘gasket’, or ‘welt’) portion of the graphic is oriented toward the inside of the frame to provide the proper grip of the graphic to the framing system as pictured below.

The correct way to insert your SEG graphic. The wrong way to insert your SEG graphic.

2 – Start With The Corners

Inserting SEG graphic into corners.

Begin by inserting the silicone strips at each corner of the frame. Push in several inches of the silicone strip/fabric on each side of one corner to start. Repeat for all corners.

3 – Work Towards The Center

Push graphic straight into groove being careful not to stretch the silicone strip of your SEG graphic.

With the corners secured, now work your way toward the center of each side, pushing in the silicone strips/fabric straight down into the groove as you go. Work from both corners to the center as you do this.

Be particularly careful not to stretch the silicone strip as you insert the graphic. If the strip gets stretched, you’ll likely end up with too much graphic when you reach the center of the side. Concentrate on simply pushing the strip straight down into the groove to avoid this stretching.

If you end up too much graphic in the middle, just pull it back out to the corners and start again.

4 – Incrementally Work Your Way Around

To achieve the most even tension on the graphic, work your way around the frame incrementally. In other words, push in a few inches or feet of graphic along the top without finishing, then push in a few inches/feet along the bottom, then move along to the sides. Continue with this process in round-robin fashion until all four sides are completely inserted into your frame.

While this sounds like a little more work than just finishing each side and moving along, this method will provide the most even tension across the whole graphic.

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