Snaptube Mega™ ~ 20′ Tall Branding Tower

20′ tall identity tower setup at show


Type of display:
Tension fabric event structure ~ Custom 20′ Tall Identity Tower

20′ height x 4′ width x 4′ depth


Production time-frame:
Completed within ten days of approved artwork.

Unique challenges:
Design and produce a 20′ tall tension fabric event structure with full color printed exterior and access to interior for storage of transit cases and other items. Structure required to ship in smaller, wheeled cases versus large wooden crate. Fast setup and dismantle required.

Manufacture a 20′ x 4′ x 4′ tubular aluminum framework with individual frame components designed to fit inside UPS shippable transit cases. Print and sew a full color dye-sub fabric, zippered pillowcase cover with double-layer access zippers for quick access to interior of display. Entire display ships in two UPS shippable cases.

Client comments:
“I used to have a bulky 12′ Tower that had to go in a big wooden crate for which I had to pay a lot in freight and material handling, having to stay an extra day to wait for the crate to show up to pack it up. This new tower goes down and is packed up in about 1.5 hours and it all fits on a pallet including my tables and samples, I love it.”
Thilo Hessler
20ft by 4ft by 4ft tubular framework
Tubular aluminum framework without its fabric skin.
Custom, double-layer corner zipper allows access to interior of tower for storage.
Kelley Wilson with the 20ft identity tower
Sales Consultant Kelley Wilson standing next to gigantic 20′ tower.

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