Custom Fabric Event Arch For King Bearings Using SnapTube Pro™

King Bearing Large Arch Fabric Structure

King Bearings

Type of display:
Tension fabric event structure ~ large arch

20′ width x 13′ height x 8′ depth


Production time-frame:
Completed within seven days of approved artwork.

Unique challenges:
Design and produce a tension fabric structure with a full color exterior cover, detachable/replaceable graphics on interior of cover and double-sided top-of-arch standoff graphics.

Print and sew a full color dye-sub fabric, zippered pillowcase cover with sewn-in velcro tabs on interior for attachment of detachable/replaceable graphics. The top-of-arch standoff graphics were printed on our UV flatbed printer on 6mm pvc/sintra.

Client comments:
“The arch was beautiful and I would like to thank you for the good work and excellent service.”
Meytal Snir Gal
Marketing Manager
King Engine Bearings

Large arch stand-off graphic 1
Shaped standoff graphic printed on 6mm pvc/sintra attached to top-of-arch with combination tube clamp/standoff hardware
Left ~ Detachable fabric graphic adhered to interior with velcro tabs / Right ~ Closeup of combination tube clamp/standoff hardware

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